Trump’s ‘wacky’ plans to make a ‘beautiful’ dome for Trump Tower reveal a deeper agenda

Donald Trump is not only planning to turn his newly renovated Trump Tower into a monument to himself but also his wife Melania.

The US President is going to build a huge dome in his office for his own personal use and it will look like a giant version of his house in Florida, a source close to the project told The American Conservatives.

The source said the building will be a masterpiece of the Trump brand.

“He will be able to call it his own house and he will have his own staff there and he can take advantage of the facilities that he has in the house and put his own style in there,” the source said.

The new dome will be one of the most eye-catching structures in Trump’s office and will not only serve as the backdrop to the newly renovated building but will also include a glass and concrete facade and a giant wall that will wrap around it.

It is not the first time Trump has planned to turn a home into a huge public monument, according to The American Observer.

The President used to live in a mansion in Washington, DC, but in 2018 he decided to build the “Trump Dorm” at his Florida estate.

The structure, designed by architect J. M. Pei, was intended to resemble the Trump Tower, which is on a massive scale and is located at the centre of the city.

The dome was unveiled last year and was built with $25m of private funds.

The president is also set to turn the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, into a permanent home for his family.

The property is situated on a 1,200 acre estate, and it is owned by Trump’s adult sons Eric and Donald Jr. The White House is expected to continue using the mansion as a residence until Trump’s administration moves to the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. It has also been reported that the Trump Organization has hired a firm to help the President manage the project.

The hotel, which will feature a pool and luxury suites, is expected in 2018 to open in time for Mr Trump to visit the area.

The building will also have its own private security.

The billionaire President is also planning to renovate the Trump National Golf Club in Washington DC, which has been vacant for years.

The golf club, which opened in 2002, was built on a 3,000 acre property.

The Trump Organization is also in talks with local authorities to construct a new public park on the property.

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