What’s next for Mohawk ceramic tiles

By: Brian M. Lee, USA TODAY article The Mohawk is a popular ceramic tile that has long been popular in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other dining establishments.

And it has become the subject of much controversy, with many claiming that it is unhealthy for the environment and should not be used in kitchens.

But new research suggests that the ceramic tiles have been responsible for a slight decrease in lead levels in the environment, a potential benefit for the health of the surrounding population.

The new research from the University of Washington found that the use of ceramic tiles on kitchen floors actually decreased lead levels and, if used in conjunction with other remediation measures, may also reduce the amount of lead-based paint that surfaces of commercial kitchens and other commercial establishments have to contend with.

In the study, lead levels were found to decrease by 0.05 micrograms per square meter of tile when compared to non-ceramic surfaces.

This reduction in lead was found to be significantly greater than the 10 microgram level that was reported by a recent EPA report.

While the reduction was small, the study suggests that ceramic tile may also be responsible for improving the health and vitality of the entire region.

The researchers say that the study is a good example of the potential benefits of ceramic tile.

“These results demonstrate that the combination of a ceramic tile with a water-based cleaning agent may be a useful tool for reducing lead in the surrounding environment,” said lead author and professor of environmental engineering David F. Anderson.

“The findings suggest that a combination of water-intensive and ceramic tile cleaning may provide significant health benefits for people living in commercial settings.”

The researchers suggest that ceramic tiles could be used as a surface replacement for a wide range of other surfaces in kitchens, and they also say that this method may be an attractive option for homeowners in residential kitchens, as well.

The study was conducted by the University and the Washington University School of Medicine.

The lead author of the study was Daniel B. Kohn.

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