‘Cake’ by ceramic tile maker is a love letter to the land

The artist behind the cake and the cookie that was baked in the kitchen at the Sydney home of one of Australia’s most celebrated ceramic tile makers has died aged 84.

David O’Brien died last month in Adelaide from complications from congestive heart failure, his son David Obeid said.

Mr Obeide said he was “devastated” to hear of the artist’s death.

“David’s passing leaves a hole in our hearts,” he said.

“I can’t believe it.

He had so much influence on our lives, from when he was young and he could paint anything on paper.”

The artist had been known for creating the ceramic tiles that form part of the Sydney homes of Australian sculptor Michael Beardsley, the late Howard Hughes and James Cameron, Mr Obid said, adding that he was known for “creating a space of calm, peace and tranquility”.

“The ceramic tiles are a very important part of his work and it’s a space that we all need,” he told ABC News.

“He was very much into the idea of having a space in which you can create your own space and he always tried to do that.”

A statue of Mr Obesley and the artist is now in the grounds of Mr Beardsleys Sydney museum.

The artist’s son, David Obaide, said his father would often paint his own tiles, particularly in his own home, before going on the road.

“My dad was really into that, he would paint a lot of tiles on the walls,” Mr Obaid said of the early years of Mr Abeid.

“His paintings were a very, very distinctive way of looking at things.”

Mr Obeeid said the painter had “done a lot” for Australia.

“It was the first time in a long time that a sculptor was able to be commissioned by a foreign government to do the artwork of a major Australian,” he added.

“There were lots of other artists that did that and that was a very big deal.”

The Australian sculptors’ association said Mr Obelid’s contributions to Australian art were “amazing”.

“His contributions to our cultural heritage are immeasurable and will continue to be, a true pioneer in our national art form,” the association said in a statement.

“The memory of this great artist is deeply felt by all those who worked with him over the years and his legacy will live on for generations.”

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