Ceramic tile found at Atherton beach

A ceramic tile found on the beach at Aetherton Beach has been attributed to the ancient Athertons culture.

Key points:The tiles were discovered by a fisherman last yearThe discovery of the ceramic tile was reported to the Department of Antiquities in 2018The Department of Archaeology has launched an investigationThe Department is investigating the origins of the tilesThe discovery was reported by the fisherman to the department of antiquities in late 2018, who then reported it to the state’s archaeology department.

The discovery, made by a local fisherman in September 2018, was reported in 2018 to the archaeology Department, who launched an archaeological investigation.

Key Points:The ceramic tile is dated to the Bronze Age and is the earliest known ceramic tile discovered on Australian shoresSource: News.net.auThe Department’s head of cultural heritage, Kate Smith, said she had been contacted by a family member who was concerned about the discovery.

“I am delighted that we have now confirmed the date of this find and the identity of the person who made it,” Ms Smith said.

“It is a fantastic find and has the potential to shed light on this fascinating ancient Australian culture.”

The discovery at Aechton Beach was reported last year by the Department to the State’s archaeologists.

“This was a very good opportunity for us to have the first real look at the ceramic in Australia,” Ms Wright said.

Ms Smith said she hoped the discovery would help inform the wider Australian cultural landscape.

“We know very little about this period, so it will be exciting to learn more about this particular time period,” she said.

Atherton Beach is a small area in the middle of the Great Athertons sea, about a mile off the beach in the north-east of the city.

It is the oldest known site of Athertan culture.

“The location of this site and the fact it was found at this time and in this location, shows that there is a significant connection to that culture,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

The Department has launched its own investigation into the ceramic, but Ms Smith believes the discovery will be helpful to the broader cultural landscape and provide new insight into the history of the region.

Topics:archaeology,culture,history,culture-and-diversity,australiaFirst posted April 07, 2020 14:40:21Contact Karen FitzgeraldMore stories from Western Australia

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