When is ceramic tile going to go away?

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Now Playing:’My kids are not going to play with that’: Parents fear children will be exposed to toxic chemicals in ceramic tile Now Playing’Mum wants me to tell her about this’: How to talk to your kids about ceramic tile safety Now Playing”We’re going to see more of it in the next few years,” says Michael Mazer, a senior vice president of product management at tile brand Tile, Inc. “It’s going to be more prevalent.”

The company has seen a huge surge in the demand for ceramic tile in the last couple of years, and is getting more of the materials.

“We’re seeing more demand than ever,” he says.

“When you have demand out there, it becomes more competitive and it becomes less costly.”

Mazer says the company has noticed a shift in customers’ attitude toward ceramic tile and its effects on their home, too.

“In the past, people were like, ‘Oh, my kids are going to get their hands on this,'” he says, “but now they’re not.

It’s a big deal for them.”

The demand is coming from across the country, too, from restaurants, businesses and home-improvement stores.

It can also come from the home and garage, where homeowners will likely find ceramic tiles as well as other types of construction materials.

“People are buying these materials because they want a new way to use materials,” says Mark Reis, vice president for business development and marketing at Tile.

“They want to use it for new types of projects.

You can see that they’re also getting into the decorative side of things.

We’ve seen a trend to reuse ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.”

But for homeowners who are concerned about the impact of ceramics on the environment, Reis says, they can still make use of the tiles and the products they are made from.

“There are ways to use ceramic tile for things that would be harmful to the environment,” he adds.

“We’ve also seen that the ceramic tiles are going away,” says Tom Smith, vice-president of product development for the ceramic tile company Tile, which sells products that include cleaning supplies, flooring, floor mats, and flooring tile.

“So you have people who would like to do some kind of landscape and nature restoration, you have the people who are looking for a more decorative use for it.”

As a consumer, you can see this in the amount of products that are coming out, Reiser says.

For example, the company is making a line of ceramic tile flooring for commercial kitchens, and there are ceramic tile products for residential kitchens.

“It’s the same people who have been making these products for years and years,” he explains.

“The consumer is the one that is going to end up buying those products.”

For more information about how to use tile, visit tile.com/tile, call 1-800-824-3247 or visit tile, tile.co, or visit www.tile.com

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