How to find the best Japanese ceramics

There’s no shortage of Japanese ceramas out there, but what’s more popular in China than its own?

Here are the best of them.


The Japanese Ceramics Pavilion at Jinan, China source The Guardian article Ceramicals are one of the world’s most popular art forms, and while the number of Japanese ceramic artists in China is impressive, it’s the variety of styles that sets them apart.

A wide variety of Japanese materials, from traditional Japanese ceramese to modern ceramically influenced ceramic, has been made by thousands of artists over the past decades.


The “Fountain of Life” in Japan is made of porcelain and silver, with Japanese ceramic artist Taro Ishihara’s signature stone (pictured above) being used as the base 3.

A group of Japanese artists from Jinan in central China, in the north of the country, are making an all-glass and porcelan pavilion (pictured) that combines the two, which is now on display at the National Gallery of Art in New York 4.

A Japanese ceramic artist (left) and a Taiwanese artist (right) are shown here at the Kunihiko gallery in Tokyo, Japan 5.

Ceramical artist Tsutomu Yamaguchi (left), who is based in Japan, has created a glass-plated ceramic sculpture that incorporates two-dimensional elements and is the first piece of glass-based art to be displayed in Japan 6.

Chinese ceramists from Shanghai, Shanghai Jiaotong and Hebei province have produced ceramic sculptures that are both two-dimensionally and three-dimensional.

The artist says that the designs are meant to make the audience feel as if they’re on the other side of the room 7.

The glass-and-metal Pavilion at the Japanese National Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo is a modern-day interpretation of the Japanese pavilion in the exhibition The Glass Pavilion in Modern Art: Glass and Metal, by Japanese ceraminist Tsutomi Yamaguchara (pictured below) 8.

Ceramic artist Tsuto Suzuki, based in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, is also a Taiwanese ceramic artist and the creator of the glass- and metal-based ceramic sculpture “The Glass Pavilion” (pictured left) at the Jikkyo Gallery in Tokyo 9.

The art of Japanese potter Taro Yoshimura is displayed at the Museum of Japanese Culture in Tokyo 10.

Ceramentalist Tsutemu Yamiguchi has created an all glass and porcellan pavillion in which Japanese ceramentist Taro Yoshioka, who is a native of Hokkaido, creates glass sculptures and Japanese ceramic motifs in glass and metal, according to his website 11.

Ceraminist Yuki Shigetoshi, who was born in Tokyo and works in Japan as a ceramist, created a three-Dimensional glass-tipped sculpture of a ceramic cup in which he uses glass as the ceramic base 12.

A glass-covered ceramic sculpture of Japanese artist Tsushima Ishida in the Jukkyo Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo was also shown here 13.

The exhibition is being presented at the Japan pavilion at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Museum in Washington, D.C. and the American Museum of Natural History.

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