Teen Mom 2 star Amber Portwood’s home decor has been accused of selling fake ceramic tiles

By KEVIN SANDERSMAN and ALEXANDER JONES, Associated PressThe teen mom’s home is now a fake home, and the ceramic tiles have been used to decorate the exterior of her Beverly Hills home, according to the Daily Mail.

Amber Portlywis home was originally painted white but a neighbor noticed that the tiles on the porch had been replaced with ceramic tiles.

She contacted a company called “Rent a Pigeon” who agreed to install a ceramic tile that would look authentic.

Amber told the Daily Beast that the tile is the same size and the company that did the work agreed to remove the ceramic tile from the home.

Amber is still looking for the real tiles that were purchased by the contractor, according the Daily News.

“I’ve tried to contact them for months, but they never returned my calls,” Amber said.

The tile was reportedly purchased from an online seller called “renta-pigeon.”

“I’m not really going to get into the details, but I do know the tile has been replaced by a ceramic piece of ceramic.

It looks like it’s a ceramic mosaic,” Amber told TMZ.

Amber said the tile was placed in her driveway because she doesn’t like being left alone at night, according a story in the Daily Express.

“It’s really a shame, but it’s true.

I’ve got a beautiful family, and I’m getting used to it,” Amber Portley told the Express.

Amber’s parents, Jason and Amber Portlyn, are not happy about their daughter’s tile.

“This is a home that is meant for a family,” Amber’s mother, Kim, told TMZ, “and that’s why Amber’s in a state of panic.”

The couple is reportedly considering legal action against the company who installed the tile, which they are still considering.

“We have a lot of respect for Rent A Pigeons,” Amber and Jason Portlyn told TMZ at the time.

“They did the best job they could for us and we are really appreciative.”

Amber has yet to be charged for the fake tile, according TMZ.

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