What ceramic tile projects would you like to see in your city?

California has a thriving ceramic tile industry that makes up more than half of the state’s GDP and produces more than $6 billion in annual sales.

The state has an average of 4,200 ceramic tile sales per year, making it the third largest in the U.S. And California has also seen a rapid growth in its ceramic tile market, which reached $14.4 billion in 2015, up from $8.4 million in 2014.

But what are some of the best options for your city’s next big tile project?1.

A home decor ceramic tile projectThe trendiest of the ceramic tile options is a small home decor tile project.

This is a large tile panel that looks like a normal home decor table, with decorative designs on the sides.

If you have lots of furniture or furnishings, this might be a great way to add an extra touch.

It can be great for decorating a new room or making a splashy addition to a home.

The tile can be done on a single layer of ceramic tile or it can be layered on top of a brick or a brick and mortar.2.

A patio ceramic tile installationA patio ceramic panel is a tile that looks almost like a picnic table or a table top.

It is typically made from a mix of clay and recycled ceramic.

The clay and ceramic mix creates a layer of soft, durable, and flexible ceramic that is easy to install.

It takes a little more work to set up, but it’s worth it if you like the look of the patio.3.

A new ceramic tile patio gardenThe ceramic tile landscape that is created by creating a new patio garden is an excellent way to bring a beautiful, fresh and inviting look to your backyard.

These outdoor ceramic tiles can be used as patio or dining terraces or a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.4.

A large, open-plan ceramic tile designIt’s great to have a patio or garden that is large and open-space, but how many of us want to live on our patio?

Open-planer tile designs can be beautiful pieces of ceramic, which can make for a great design for an open-air garden or patio.5.

A ceramic tile table that looks more like a tableThis is a great option for a ceramic tile restaurant or restaurant space that is built around a large, circular ceramic tile.

It’s ideal for a dining area, as it can create a space that can be easily set up and has an open kitchen and dining area.

It also can create an interesting and dynamic table for entertaining guests.6.

A table-top ceramic tile planThis is an attractive option for your home, and it is ideal for tables or a patio that you want to add to or remodel.

You can create the look by using a ceramic plate that is made from the same material as your patio, or by building a large table from recycled ceramic tile that is layered on a brick.

The tiles can also be combined to create a table.7.

A tile garden that looks exactly like a traditional outdoor patioIt can be hard to find a tile garden for your outdoor patio.

If it’s not for sale, it’s easy to get frustrated and not want to make the change.

However, there are a number of ceramic garden options available that are great for a new or existing patio.

Here are a few of the great options for ceramic garden projects:8.

A kitchen ceramic tile wallThe ceramic wall of your kitchen can look just like a typical kitchen sink, but you can use it as a decorative feature.

This ceramic tile is made of recycled ceramic and can be installed on a wall or a piece of flooring, or you can choose to make a ceramic kitchen sink.9.

A porch ceramic tile kitchenA patio tile kitchen can be a beautiful addition to your home.

You could even add a deck, patio patio, and/or dining area for the patio to create an inviting space.10.

A portable ceramic tile gardenThis is another great option if you have a portable outdoor patio that has a lot of room to grow vegetables.

A small ceramic tile deck or patio garden can also work well to add a little outdoor space to your garden.

This article originally appeared on Engadet.

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